Why FCI ?

FCI  has manufacturing facility at Navi Mumbai, india with excellent infrastructure and special emphasis laid towards
QUALITY CONTROL and SAFETY, keeping in line with commitment of FCI towards safety.
Fine Chemical Industries ( FCI)

Base coat for Vacuum Metallising / Metalizing, Top coat for Vacuum Metallising / Metalizing, Base coat for UV Vacuum Metalizing, Top coat for UV Vacuum Metallising / Metalizing, Coating on Plastics, TSA clear for metal, UV Coating on Plastics, Polyurethane PU for Helmet, Electrical switch, Plastic Coating, Cosmetic PP/ABS caps, Coating, Coatings, Metallizing Lacquer for plastics

UV Based Vacuum Metallising / Metalizing Coatings:

Base Coat, Top Coat & Thinner For
Plastics : ABS , HIPS , Polystyrene ( PS ) , Poly Carbonate , Poly propylene ( PP)

Vacuum Metallising / Metalizing Coatings:
Vacuum Metallizing is a process where a metallic coating material is placed in a vacuum chamber with the workpiece to be coated. The material that is being applied is then heated until it starts to evaporate; this vaporized metal condenses on the product or workpiece as a thin metallic film. As this is happening, the part is being rotated for uniformity of the coat. Thin layers of paint can then be applied to produce other colors. Once complete, a clear sealer is usually added to prevent flaking.
Vacuum Metallising/Metalizing is the process of evaporating metals (most commonly aluminum) inside a vacuum chamber which then bonds to the desired substrate to achieve a uniform metalized layer.
Vacuum metaliizing can replace more costly electro-plating as a decorating option in many applications, such as reflectors, toys, point of purchase displays, caps, closures, trophies and household hardware, and more.
The different stages of the Vacuum Metallising / Metalizing Coatings process are explained to using the navigation bar to the left.
How Vacuum Metallising / Metallizing works
The piece to be coated is placed inside the vacuum chamber on a rotating rack. A vacuum is created in the chamber and the metallizing material is then heated until it evaporates. The vaporized metal bonds to the piece, making a thin coating on the piece.
Base Coat, Top Coat & Thinner Vacuum Metallising/Metalizing For
Plastics       Metal, Glass & Ceramics    

Coating on Plastics:

We offer wide range of Acrylic Base, PU Base (Polyurethene Base) suitable for all types of plastics.
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UV Coating
We offer a wide range of UV (Ultra Violet) curable coatings for all types of plastics.
UV Glossy Clear Lacquer
UV Matt Clear Lacquer
UV Pigment Coatings
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UV Mono Coat Matt Series
ABS , HIPS , ABS , Polycarbonate
UV Mono Coat
Mono Coat Solid Colours
PP Pretreatment primer
Polyurethane PU Coating ( 2k System )
Helmet, Electrical switch, Plastic
     Coating, Cosmetic PP/ABS caps
Thinner of All types
Chloro Rubber
Metal Coating:
Clear Coat
Mono Coat Solid Colours

UV Clear Coats
For Plastics
ABS, HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC, Metals